The Novels of Joe Costanzo

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Living in The U.S.A.

Going Home to Calabria

Miracles & Murders

    After sailing back and forth between Italy and America, an unscrupulous bird of passage named Tommaso Caruso - or Thomas, as he prefers to be called - disappears Someplace Out West as World War II erupts in Europe. After the war ends and there’s still no sign of him, his wife ships their son Tommy off to the New World to track him down. For Tommy, what begins as a simple mission evolves into a wild journey of discovery as he and mid-Twentieth Century America come together at The Grand Junction.

      A dispirited American businessman named Stefano Strazzi revisits his birthplace in the mountains of Southern Italy, where he succumbs to an ever deepening and ultimately hopeless enchantment. Prolonging his sojourn at the risk of his marriage, he rediscovers illusions of childhood, meddles in a poet’s misguided romance, and becomes embroiled in a vendetta a half century old. Restoration is the story of a man’s quest for spiritual renewal, a town’s attempt to restore its crumbling Medieval church, and the forces that conspire against both.

     Graphic Times is the story of Anthony Logan, a reporter seeking redemption for a blunder that disrupted a sensational murder trial and set the defendant free. His quest takes him to the New West town of Two-Hat, Arizona, where the unrepentant killer, a mysterious apparition, marauding teens, an edgy love interest, and the elements test his resolve. There, far from the black-and-white truths of his Times, he finds himself in a landscape colored by mysticism and madness.


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