Where It All Comes


      After sailing back and forth between Italy and America during the first half of the 20th Century, an unscrupulous “bird of passage” named Tommaso Caruso - or Thomas, as he prefers to be called - disappears Someplace Out West as war erupts in Europe. After the war ends and there’s still no sign of him, his wife ships their son off to the New World to track him down.
     Not nearly as keen as his mother to find the old scoundrel, the younger scoundrel - or Tommy as he prefers to be called - is content to dawdle in the Bronx with his three girlfriends until filial duty, not to mention his mother’s rage, finally drives him across this vast and incomprehensible continent in search of a man who is running from wives, the FBI, the CIA, the mob, and maybe even aliens.
     For Tommy, what began as a simple mission quickly evolves into a disastrous journey of discovery as he and a fiery farm girl, wives and girlfriends, Italian-Americans and un-Americans, Naples and the Bronx, Walt Disney and Joe Bonnano, switchblades and atomic bombs, ancient Pueblo dwellings and uranium mines, twisters and Vesuvius, pompadours and bobs, Lucky Strikes and reefers, barbers and chefs, and a secret that no one dares to reveal come together in a most unlikely corner of the world.
     Tommy’s coast-to-coast road trip offers up an irreverent take on our grandfathers’ immigrant sagas as well as a truly credible explanation for the Roswell UFO. When fact and fiction collide in The Grand Junction, there’s no telling them apart.


The Grand Junction

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Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu. 

   “In The Grand Junction, an intriguing novel loaded with 1950s realism, Joe Costanzo exposes the deceit and corruption entrenched in the human desperation to succeed....Peppered with straightforward humor and evocative descriptive passages, this well-researched book allows a glimpse of a time when America seemed boundless.”             

“    involving everything from Walt Disney and Joe Bonnano to atomic bombs and the Roswell UFO - The Grand Junction is uproariously conniving to the very end. Highly recommended.”                                    

“Costanzo (Restoration, 2014, etc.) presents his readers with a lush, literary portrait of family and culture across America after the second world war . . . Short and sweet; a mosaic of people, places and culture well worth knowing.”

“This fun, fast-paced tale tracks a contemporary immigrant story across a familiar American postwar landscape. Costanzo’s knowledge of Italian culture and Italian-American immigrant experiences immediately lends an air of authenticity and charm, and makes the reader quick to accept the improbable direction the story takes when the smuggling and government conspiracies are introduced.”

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