Eternal Mysteries

  Graphic Times is the story of Anthony Logan, a reporter seeking redemption for a blunder that disrupted a sensational murder trial and set the defendant free. His quest takes him to the red-hot, exo-metro landscape of the New West, where the unrepentant killer, a mysterious apparition, marauding teens, an edgy love interest, and the elements test his resolve. The protagonist is a man who throughout his life has viewed the world through the black-and-white columns of his Times, ever eschewing nuance, color, and ambiguity.
    But in pursuing the scoop that will restore his reputation, he awakens as if from a dream to a vivid and shifting reality that compels him to tell his story with a graphic exuberance. Perhaps it was the Blessed Virgin Mary in a kayak in the Arizona sky, or his spiky sidekick Jettie, or maybe it was the boulder that a wayward gargoyle dropped on his head while he was romancing Sunday Shaw at the bottom of a slot canyon that transformed him.
    Whatever the source, by the end of his journey, he comes to understand what Henry David Thoreau mean by his admonition: “Read not the Times; read the Eternities.

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Kindle Edition

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Semi-finalist - 2008 #1 Bestselling Multi-Format Mystery -Jan. 2009

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 The Salt Lake Tribune - April 25, 2009
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Charles River Press #1 Bestseller - Dec. 2008-Feb. 2009


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