Joe Costanzo

     Joe (Giuseppe) Costanzo was born in Pedivigliano in the mountains of Calabria in Southern Italy, a town not unlike the fictional Roccamonti in his novel Restoration.
     Joe and his family washed ashore in America along with the great post-war waves of immigrants in 1954, sailing aboard the ill-fated Andrea Doria. From New York, the Costanzos headed west, settling in Salt Lake City, near the coal mines of Eastern Utah and Colorado, where his maternal grandfather, Felice, once worked. His paternal grandfather, Stefano, supported his family back in Calabria from the rails in Pennsylvania.
      At the age of nineteen, while attending the University of Utah, Joe got his first full-time job as a reporter working for the Deseret News, and that same year won his first national news writing award for his coverage of an airline hijacking.
     After college, he made his first trip back to Italy, spending months traveling throughout the peninsula, particularly Calabria, and then returned to America to resume his career in journalism.
     Over the next twenty-five years, Joe covered some of the biggest news stories in the West, including the execution of Gary Gilmore, and won numerous regional and national awards for his reporting and news writing, including recognition from the William Randolph Hearst Foundation, the Associated Press, and the Society of Professional Journalists.
     A member of the Italian American Writers Association, Joe has written extensively about crime and justice, the environment, animal rights, natural calamities, religion, the Italian-American experience, and many other subjects that served him well in the writing of his novels, Graphic Times, Restoration, and The Grand Junction.


Joe Costanzo
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