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The Old World

    Born in this small, Medieval town at the feet (pedi) of the Calabrian Apennines,  I drew upon its decaying beauty for the setting for my novel Restoration. The plot itself was inspired by stories I heard while revisiting my birthplace, and some of its inhabitants and my own relatives (fictionalized beyond recognition) serve as characters in the story as well.
     Recent restoration efforts have dramatically altered the appearance of Pedivigliano, though not always for the better. For example, while the new piazza as shown in this photo (top right) from the town’s website has a fresh, inviting look, the construction of a major highway has destroyed the beautiful hillside below the ancient church that can be seen looming above the piazza.
     The town’s website offers many other recent photographs as well as historic and current information, although only in Italian.
       The photographs (below) are from the Costanzo family album and represent images of the town dating back to the 1920s as well as from my own visits there.

Fly thought, on golden wings;
Go, alight upon the slopes and hills
Where the sweet breezes of our native soils
Are scented, soft and warm.”

Giuseppe Verdi - Nabucco


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